понеделник, 12 юли 2010 г.

Hey guys.
I had some rl issues and I wasn't able to post for a few days but now i'm back.
Today's post will be about Jewelcrafting.What I do is buy eternal earths and uncut green gems then I make rings and vendor them most of the time.You could also disenchant them to get infinite dust but I prefer vendoring them.Here's a spreadsheet to determine the profit you will get from either vendoring or disenchanting them Green rings
In the past few days i managed to get to 10k and with this rate I will probably hit the cap in about 2-3 months
I still need to work on leveling more professions and spending more time on the auction house.So far I only post once or twice a day.I'm also thinking about joining the inscription business but I will probably work with vellums,runescrolls and the epic offhands
P.S.I managed to find a borean leather farmer who's willing to farm for me.So now I will have enough borean leather

събота, 10 юли 2010 г.

Daily cycle

Hey guys and girls.
Today's post will be about the daily cycle or in other words how to spend your time ingame.
What i do is write on a piece of paper/notepad what i must do,then i just brake it into smaller tasks which i write somewhere else.After that I organize them so that i must do a different thing every 30 minutes or so because I'm not good at doing something for hours long.Here's a little example:
1.Get Loremaster
2.Get some PVP gear
3.Level a BS/alchemist
4.Get a milion gold
And then
1.from 9 till 10-run around looking for quests while in the queue for a random dungeon or a random battleground
2.from 10 till 11 check AH,buy mats,craft some stuff i need to resell
etc. etc.
By doing so I know what and when I need to do it and well i just love being organized :P

петък, 9 юли 2010 г.

Trial of the Crusader leatherworking crafts

Hello everyone.
Today's post will be short.This is a spreadsheet I use to determine the price of the epic items,crafted with Leatherworking, from Trial of the Crusader. Here is the download link.
Simply write the prices in the fields on the right and you will see the craft price of the items.Hope you will find this helpful :)
Later this week or the next one I will publish another spreadsheet,with all the items I sell with Leatherworking.

четвъртък, 8 юли 2010 г.

About me

Hello everyone.
My in game name is Altaircho and I play on Neptulon(EU) Alliance side.I started playing wow about 3 years ago on some pirate servers.Soon I felt I liked the game so I got it as a present for Christmas on the 24th of December 2007.The class I started playing was a rogue because I wanted to stealth around and have fun ambushing people and not being seen.Soon I realized the class was not what I expected but I didn't stop leveling my rogue and, well I got to 70.I did some raids and got up to TK and SSC.Nothing impressive but it was fun.I didn't level another char and i soon had gold problems.I spent some time researching how to make gold and most people told me I should do dailies.So I did.It was boring but i got the gold i needed.
Wotlk came out and I continued getting gold the boring way doing dailies.Then I stumbled on some gold making blogs and started playing the AH.It went good i made about 30k gold.Some time after I stopped playing for a while.And here I am now.My goal is to reach 1 million gold.I have 7k liquid gold,a Leatherworker,Jeweler,Scribe and an Enchanter,all maxed out.
I will use this blog to document my quest,and share my tricks.Hope you will enjoy reading it :).