понеделник, 12 юли 2010 г.

Hey guys.
I had some rl issues and I wasn't able to post for a few days but now i'm back.
Today's post will be about Jewelcrafting.What I do is buy eternal earths and uncut green gems then I make rings and vendor them most of the time.You could also disenchant them to get infinite dust but I prefer vendoring them.Here's a spreadsheet to determine the profit you will get from either vendoring or disenchanting them Green rings
In the past few days i managed to get to 10k and with this rate I will probably hit the cap in about 2-3 months
I still need to work on leveling more professions and spending more time on the auction house.So far I only post once or twice a day.I'm also thinking about joining the inscription business but I will probably work with vellums,runescrolls and the epic offhands
P.S.I managed to find a borean leather farmer who's willing to farm for me.So now I will have enough borean leather

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